Waco Citizen-Courier

The Citizen Courier and other TexRay Media publications offer some exciting columnists for Heart of Texas readers. Below is a short bio of each columnist, along with a photo, and contact information.


Super-Couponing Tips

Jill CataldoJill Cataldo is the founder of Super-Couponing® workshops and author of the nationally-syndicated newspaper column and video series "Super-Couponing® Tips," enjoyed by over 20 million people each week.

In 2010, she launched a video companion series to Super-Couponing Tips, featuring weekly, one-minute video coupon lessons that are widely syndicated online. Her column appears weekly in the Citizen Courier, and her columns and one-minute webinars are available on the Citizen Courier website at www.citizencourier.com and on www.texraymedia.com, the website for the media company which owns the Citizen Courier.

Here's what some of the country's top news media say about Jill.

    Fox News: "Jill Cataldo is amazing. She takes coupon clipping to a whole new level!"

    ABC News: "One of the premier coupon experts in the country."

    ABC's Nightline: "'Dear Abby' with coupons."

    Inside Edition: "Cataldo is the world's premier coupon expert."

Jill has been the subject on numerous news shows for media outlets including ABC's Nightline, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, Inside Edition, the CBS Early Show, Fox News, NBC News, and many more.

She works as a consultant to stores, manufacturers and coupon distributors to help analyze how consumers will utilize coupons and promotions. In addition, Jill is also a consumer blogger who focuses on teaching beginners to use coupons correctly and ethically, maintaining a blog about grocery savings at www.jillcataldo.com.


The Saavy Senior

Jim MillerJim Miller has a ways to go before he becomes a senior citizen. But he's been one of the premiere columnists for issues involving seniors for over a decade.Miller writes the nationally syndicated Saavy Senior, which runs in more than 400 newspapers across the country including the Citizen Courier and Texas Prime Timer.

The column is devoted to meeting the needs of today's boomers and seniors, and the families who support them. Each week Savvy Senior provides practical information and resources on a wide variety of topics, such as: health and wellness, retirement planning, senior products and technology, programs and services for the elderly, senior legal issues, Social Security and Medicare, caregiving, travel, employment, volunteerism, end-of-life planning and more.

He is also the author of the book The Savvy Senior: The Ultimate Guide to Health, Family, and Finances for Senior Citizens.

Miller, a stadium announcer for the University of Oklahoma's football and basketball teams, began working at a retirement community in Norman, OK, after his parents died in October 2000 within three weeks of each other.

"Feeling devastated and lost, I took a temporary job working at a retirement community to help me through the grief," he writes. "I thought being around people my parents' age would make me feel better."

While there, he started writing a Q&A column for senior citizens in the local newspaper, the Norman Transcript, and the response was immediate. Today his column has become It is the most widely read information column for older Americans in the United States.